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Portisheadvoice October 2018

News that matters most is often not what is happening in our region, but what's happening on our doorsteps, involving the people we know and the places we spend most of our time.

With that in mind, we are extremely pleased to welcome you to the first issue of the Portisheadvoice - the 17th 'Voice' newspaper to launch across the Bristol region. 

Our newspaper will be delivered FREE every month to 7,000 homes and businesses across Portishead and will be available at various pick-up points, including local shops and Portishead library. Circulation will increase every month to include the whole area. 

Our mixture of news, views and features has proved popular in the communities we already operate and we look forward to working with local people and businesses in Portishead to provide a paper that gives a voice to the whole of the local community.

If you have a story or a letter you wish to share with us, please contact Becky on becky@portisheadvoice.co.uk.

Looking to earn some extra cash? We are looking for hardworking ambassadors to deliver our paper door to door, once a month. Get in touch by calling 07775550607 or email richard@portisheadvoice.co.uk

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