Eliminating plastic, one piece at a time

October 30 2018
Eliminating plastic, one piece at a time

November blog from Portishead Parent

Last year some local mums took up the Plastic Free July Challenge.  I remember reading their posts on Facebook as they tried to avoid plastic in their weekly shop and thinking it all sounded a bit extreme and what’s all the fuss about? We all go on our own journey and mine obviously hadn’t started yet. It was only a few months later when Blue Planet 2 hit our screens to raise awareness of plastic pollution and the penny finally dropped.

Turn The Tide

I guess it was around the same time that Turn The Tide Portishead appeared. They began arranging local beach cleans, where both adults and children could join together and do something about the plastic pollution which was turning up on our beaches.

Single use plastics

Turn the Tide then began to raise awareness locally of single use plastics. They spoke to local businesses about becoming part of the Refill campaign, enabling people to fill up their own water bottles at various cafes etc. The Final Straw Portishead has also seen local businesses stop offering out plastic straws, unless requested.

My ‘very important’ cuppa

Whether you’re rushing off to work or off for a day of multitasking at home, that cuppa after the school or nursery run is what’s needed.  There’s been a big change at our local Waitrose, with a total ban of disposable cups and plastic lids. A year ago it would have seemed ridiculous that we would keep a cup in our car or bag, but it’s becoming the norm now. I’ve even heard Portishead McDonald's are happy to use your own cup for hot drinks.

Want to know more?

Jo Ruxton is a local film director and co-founder of Plastic Oceans Foundation. Two years ago her documentary Plastic Ocean was released (available on Netflix).  It tells the sad story of what our plastic use is doing to our oceans. I was lucky enough to hear her speak at a Rotary event and it was again a real eye opener. Just last month the BBC aired their version, Drowning in Plastic (available on iPlayer). I’d recommend you give these a watch to see for yourself.

Where am I now?

This year I bought a copy of No. More. Plastic. which is packed full of  little changes you can make. I’ve spent my summer doing a 2 minute beach clean at every beach I’ve been to and my boys and friends have joined in too. I’ve made my waste recycling a big priority at home. My liquid soap dispensers have now become bars of soap. I’ve used cling film for the very last time. I think before I pick up a bottle of sauce or mayonnaise, and look for the bottled version. I’m not plastic free by any means, but I’m making moves in the right direction.

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