How it all began ... the Dragonfly Jar

October 30 2018
How it all began ... the Dragonfly Jar

I’ve become drawn to dragonflies over the last few years - initially because of their beauty and unpredictability.

Loving a good metaphor, I wonder what dragonflies symbolise and discover that in most parts of the world they represent change, transformation, adaptability and self-realisation. That’s a wish list most of us would readily bank so I start cataloguing some of these things in

My wings may not be diaphanous and magical yet, but I’m finding that a good dose of humour and some refashioning of the truth is often an antidote to unexpected change and challenge. 

I’m also becoming adept at ear-wigging in on other people’s conversations, so I tell myself that this is a justified dragonfly flit in search of some content for my jar.

This week I gain material from my yoga class.  We are welding ourselves into Warrior position, when the teacher asks us to morph into Joyous Warrior - arms lift skywards, ‘owning our space’ and we’re invited to smile upwards at the stained ceiling tiles in the studio. Apparently research shows that lifting your arms above your head - there’s no quality control or yoga class membership needed here - lifts your mood. Who knew?

Sorted.  This week my anonymity may be broken for at bus-stops in the pelting rain; opening my bank statement and joining the queue at Sainsbury’s, I may be spotted with arms aloft, holding my space joyously and defying life to bring me back down.  Fancy joining me?

The Dragonfly Jar