Now you can recycle crisp packets

April 01 2019
Now you can recycle crisp packets

Gone are the days when empty crisp packets could only be thrown in the bin … they can now be recycled in Portishead, thanks to a new scheme launched in the town.

In the fight against plastic pollution, local campaign group Turn the Tide launched the Walkers’ initiative locally on March 15.

There are now four collection boxes across the town where used, empty crisp packets and larger multipack bags can be recycled – regardless of brand.

The public can recycle their packets at the following locations:

• Inside Waitrose lobby

• Moose Hall Chiropractic on the High Street

• Parish Wharf Leisure Centre (next to the vending machine)

There is also a collection bin at Portishead Youth Centre, but it is only for users of the facility. 

Once dropped off at the collection points, packets will be weighed with 'points' given to community group Conductive Education Bristol to raise funds for children with motor disorders.

The crisp packets will be sent off to TerraCycle, shredded into small plastic pieces and then moulded into new plastic items like park benches or play equipment.

A spokesperson from Turn the Tide said: “We would like to thank all of the places that have become collection points, in particular, Waitrose’s assistant team manager Geoff and corporate responsibility partner Kayleigh who are great allies showing that business and community links work well together to take steps to save our planet. A special thank you also to Turn the Tide volunteer Coral, who has gone above and beyond to get various TerraCycle schemes up and running in Portishead."