'All we want for Christmas is a new skate ramp'

November 26 2018
'All we want for Christmas is a new skate ramp'

Portishead could be getting a new skate ramp in time for Christmas.

The 16ft by 18ft half-pipe would be built and gifted to Portishead by Stuart Walsh and Matt Staines (pictured), the owners of the new Sk8 or Die skateboarding shop in West Hill, and has been earmarked for Merlin Park.

Mr Walsh put the idea forward to the town council’s recreation and works committee on October 31.

In a blog on the shop’s website, Stuart said: “We wanted to introduce ourselves, to publicly offer our gift to the town, gauge the reaction from councillors and find out who we needed to approach.

“We offered [the ramp] for Merlin Park because there is already skate/wheels equipment and our ramp would either be additional or an upgrade.

“The ramp is an effective and inexpensive short time solution to meet current demand.”

As a result of the proposal and a subsequent meeting held at Merlin park with town councillors and North Somerset Council officials, it was agreed for the ramp to be positioned on the grass area - owned by NSC - just outside the tarmacked ‘T’ shape.

At the time Portisheadvoice went to print, another meeting was due to take place to outline the exact area for the ramp.

Portisheadvoice understands that North Somerset Council has offered its resources to level out the area, and once this has been done, the ramp can be built.

Mr Walsh told the Portisheadvoice: “There are definitely more pros than cons for having a decent skate ramp in Portishead.

“People will no longer have to get in cars or on buses to go for a decent skate, they can do it right here in Portishead.

“Our customers have been very excited and supportive of the idea, we think the ramp will be really popular, not just for kids but adults who skate too.”

Mr Walsh said that the ramp would last for up to 10 years and would be maintained by himself and Mr Staines.

At a full town council meeting on November 14, Cllr Ros Cruse, who attended the meeting at Merlin Park, said: "This council and North Somerset Council have tried to work together to accommodate these young gentleman who want to give something to the young people of the town for Christmas. So hopefully it will be there."